While you may think you want more time, more money, more happiness, more…, you may actually have a deep-seated fear of success and uncertainty that stands int he way of getting it. You must have the audacity to not just believe but to KNOW that you are worthy of abundance and everything you desire. Simply focus your intentions (desires) and attention (energy and emotion) on what it is you want and then take bold actions to make it come to fruition without ever trying to figure out “how” it will appear. As you will learn in the book, “Thank God It’s Wednesday!” the Universe is a massive, genie-like energy field that is at your command. It will provide the “how” if you give it a clear picture of “what” it is you want. Just like you don’t know what the meal you order at a restaurant will look like when it comes out, so too you probably won’t be able to accurately anticipate how what you want will show up – so keep an open mind (and an both eyes open)!