We are all born into this world with a unique genome that determines our base behaviors and dispositions. Our genetic make-up provides for the foundation of how we interpret and experiential sensations – sight, sound, taste, touch and smell – as well as what we deem to be pleasurable, interesting, desirable and vice-versa. Life experience further molds our behaviors and perceptions but never supplants the basic essence of who we are. This essence holds what is referred to as “personal genius.” “Genius” represents our natural specialization, it is our raison d’être or purpose in life that enables us perform a thing or set of things with ease and grace. Personal genius is the subset life that we were intended to do better than anything else and for the good of humanity. It is, quite simply, what we are naturally good at. Our genetic make-up combined with experience and personal genius make us truly unique in this world as no two people have, ever had, or ever will have the same combination.

Aligning your life and exercising your personal genius will lead to infinitely more happiness and greater fulfillment. If you are dialed into it, you will flow in the current of life no matter where you are or who you are with. However, should you choose to ignore your genius, or operate outside of this God given “sweet spot,” you will surely encounter some measure of resistance. Living a life outside your personal genius is akin to using the wrong tool for a job – it’s possible, but it may also be a frustrating experience that drains you of your energy. Many spend their entire lives unaware that they have a personal genius wondering why they encounter one obstacle after another and feel persistent discomfort. Others (consciously and unconsciously) discover their genius and go on to live life with full richness, comfort and inner peace. Those living within their genius will still face challenges and impediments, but they use these hurdles as stepping stools to reach ever higher levels of being instead of getting stonewalled and stuck.

It is not difficult to determine your personal genius. However, it often gets obscured by the external influences, teaching and training that we receive from others. Parents, teachers, friends, society, media, and a host of other authorities impart explicit and implicit expectations upon us. We are bombarded with opinions, thoughts and ideas from the instant we arrive on Earth until the moment we leave it. All of these external stimuli can create a smoke screen of epic proportions that conceal your personal genius. So you must be careful with what you allow into your belief system. The lesson is to remain vigilant over what you accept as your personal truth and what you choose to believe.

Your personal genius is the thing or set of things that come as easily as breathing to you. You will enjoy being or doing whatever it is and have an inherent love for it. Whatever it is will flow effortlessly from you and it will seem like you are not even trying when you engage in it – even at a novice level. Your genius arises from the innate abilities that stream from your “hard wired” genetics, disposition and natural purpose in life. The importance of the human genius is that it forms the root of personal passions and the things that bring us the most enjoyment and fun in life. Genius is the mother of passion. If you trace your passion back to its source and you will find your genius waiting patiently for you to discover it.

Exercise: Sort Your Beliefs

Which thoughts have you created for yourself and which have been either implanted or adopted without your awareness? Start with some macro ideas about religion, politics, health and or happiness and examine them closely. Did you consciously choose or originate the thought? Or did it pass through the “front gate” unabated? Does the thought or belief reflect who you truly are and who you want to be or is there something more fitting? Have you outgrown the idea? This can be an uncomfortable exercise to go through as it is far easier to operate from auto-pilot and the thoughts given to you by others. However, to live true to yourself and your purpose you need to weed out the limiting beliefs that you never took the time to vet against your personal genius and who you seek to be. This exercise is self-therapeutic and can be employed at any time. The more clear you get on your thoughts and beliefs, the easier it becomes to identify your personal genius.