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Thank God It’s Wednesday! 

was written for business professionals who feel like they have too much job and not enough life. It is a prescription for “Work Sickness,” or the live-to-work syndrome, that manifests itself in the form of feeling overwhelmed, incessantly tired and unsatisfied. This book was written for those looking for a practical and easy-to-implement strategy to master the corporate game, identify their career calling and to create more time & space for personal passions. TGIW! is packed with creative insights, innovative “connecting” techniques, real-life examples of success, as well as hands-on exercises that will show you how to unlock the power of your innate inner knowing. Read it and learn how to utilize 8 powerful Spiritual Laws to create your own “YOUnique” passion plan to live and work with purpose again and to get turned on by your career.


CEO’s & Spiritual Leaders alike Love TGIW!

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About the Author



In 2004, in full health and at the pinnacle of his life and career, Mark contracted a very serious, penicillin resistant (MRSA) infection from a routine arthroscopy. After a dozen surgeries and forty-one days of lying immobilized in a hospital bed, Mark experienced a life-changing encounter with what he can only describe as the “Divine.” He communed with a presence that revealed to him that his life purpose is to help and heal others. From this epiphany, Mark developed an intense interest in spirituality and spent the next 10-years studying and working with spiritual leaders. Interest turned to inspiration when Mark realized that he could do the most good by mentoring business professionals using his 25-years of successful corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Harvard MBA and coaching training. He decided to transition out of the corporate world and founded C-Synergy, LLC to help both people to get clear on their purpose and calling, to develop manageable action plans and to connect and operate from their inner wisdom. Mark’s mission is to help people tune into their inner genius and to unleash the creativity, joy and energy found in living in alignment to purpose and exercising personal passion. Mark believes that businesses and the people who create and run them hold the ultimate answer to the many crisis’ facing our planet today. He would like to see the corporations that lay claim to the majority of the world’s assets to be led by men and women connected to their higher consciousness so that they make decisions from a mindset of oneness, abundance and love instead of scarcity, fear and greed.


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Life/Work Balance

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After surviving a near-death experience, Mark Langford – Harvard MBA turned Corporate Shaman – decided to change his life. He began a journey to not only discover his own true purpose and passion but also to help others find theirs. He quickly started to notice that “Work Sickness” (the live-to-work syndrome) was robbing friends and colleagues of their vitality, confidence and direction. He chose to follow his personal passion and transitioned out of the corporate world to become a career consultant and, now, author of Thank God It’s Wednesday! which combines Mark’s decades long professional experience, wide-ranging spiritual study, and personal intuition to help others ignite their inner fire and attain more fulfillment, fun and financial reward.

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